How to register a domain name and host with SeekaHost multiple IP address hosting in SeekaPanel


Some Benefits Hotong  with PBN Seeka Host 

  • Security 
  • Free SSL
  • Easy Blog setup 
  • No Foot Print 
  • Multiple server Location 
  • Best user support 

This article will give you an idea of “How to register a domain name and host it with SeekaHost multiple IP addresses hosting in SeekaPanel” step by step.

This article will provide answers to your concerns and most common questions 

How can I log in to the Seekahost Portal?

First thing first you need to login to the 1st place to purchase the domain name and hosting, as usual, you need to type the above-mentioned URL in your browser and hit enter it will direct you to the  once you see the  in your browser every 1st thing you need to do is create an account on it. If Don’t have an account yet? Sign up  provide requested information and do the needful

After that, you will receive verification mail to activate your account on  SeekaPanel. Once you verified login to the   using your email address and the password which you have used to sign up


Once you successfully log in to the portal you will see a dashboard like below. Please note in your dashboard PBN  hosting is not showing as 1 and domain count also will not showing as 1 because you have still have not purchased the domain or hosting plan yet.

How to register a Domain Name? 

Then the very critical part of this section comes honestly speaking this is not the critical or advanced thing with  only critical part is to pick a suitable domain. This is a mind-blowing game. Once you decide which domain name you’re going to purchase. Please go to the dashboard and navigate to the Find & Register Domain Names. Type your  domain name in the search box and click on the search button there 

Sometimes, that domain might be already taken from someone then you will get the search result like below. 

In that case, what you have to do is start a mind-blowing game once again and decide on another domain name or you can pick one from the available and suggested free and available domain. In my case I would like to pick the domain then click on the check out button. It will add into the cart and you will get a popup message saying added successfully and the domain will add to your cart. 

Suppose some domain name is mistakenly added to your cart you can clear those from the cart, click on your shopping cart and click on the trash bin it will delete unwanted items from the cart. 

Click the “CHECKOUT” button 

Here you can select the Domain Price / Cycle for up to 5 years and also you can enable the auto-renew option to suppose the domain cycle you have selected with 1/Year it will automatically renew for next year with its reach to its life cycle also you can enable contact privacy also here.   Click next 

After that, you need to fill in your personal information to proceed with the payment  and also need to add your payment method too Once everything is done click on the “Next” button

Once you click the next button you can see the below windows with your attached credit card 

Now click on the “order now” button you you will get the invoice as well as domain verification email too. Follow the instruction mentioned in the mail subject with “VERIFICATION REQUIRED – Please verify your domain name(s) as soon as possible”

Note: That link will be activated only for 24 Hours 


Once you verified your domain using the given verification link. you will be getting another mail for Control of how your data is shared. If you wish to share that information you can  do it otherwise you can leave it 

Now your domain purchased part is completed. Now you can see your recently purchased domain from the Dashboard and when you navigate to the domain name section under the domain name section you can see your recently purchase a domain. It has a Domain name, Duration, Domain Status, Details, Expired date and etc 


Now time to talk about the second part of this article. In this part, I’m going to purchased PBN Hosting. Go to the  Hosting > PBN Hosting and select which plan you hope to Pickup. I have selected 1 PBN Hosting Plan Click on the “CHOOSE PLAN” Button 

Once you selected a plan and proceed with the Payment  you will get a mail like below click on the “Create New Blog” Button it will lead you to create a new blog section on Portal 

It will open the below window and asked you to you enter the Blog Domain: Please make sure not to use “www” If you have a blog category you can select one from there of you can create once, Also you need to put your Blog Title. Click on the “ADD BLOG” button to go ahead with blog creation.  

Then you will see a window like below and it will let your status regarding your blog creation 

Once the store creation is finished the status will change to “Online “

Click on the “Action” button  It will bring you to the following windows from there you can see BLOG IP, Name servers, Login details. You will get a mail with your WP Login Name servers and login URL too. 

Please update above mentioned Private Name Servers on your Domain registrar before you visit the blog. You can check the Current Name Server & IP status at –

Note: Please Note Down your “Login Details” this password will de disappear once you activated your SSL certificate Copy Down Log IP: Ex head over to your domain 

Go down to the register lock first we are going to unlock it temporarily to set up the name servers 

Then head over to the private name server  and  here we are going to register our name server ns 1 and n2 which is unique 

Name Server: ns1

IP Address:

Click “Create”

Add n2 name servers as we did it before

Name Server: ns2

IP Address:

Click “Create”

 Go to the Domain names and domain click in the Name Server.

 Select Use custom nameservers (enter below).  Update the name server  we have created 

Once you click on the change name serves button your name server will update successfully and you will get a screen like below. 

Once it’s successfully updated. Go to the register lock and re-enable the lock 

Now you can be heading to the Website and Blogs  go to the PBN Select PBN blog and go to the actions check  name servers via leafDNS or MXtools box

Leaf DNS 

Mxtool Box 

Once the private DNS Nameservers are Propergte correctly you can activate your SSL certificate. Click On the SSL Switch on the button.  Your SSL will be activated around 30 minutes 


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