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How information security can help meet business objectives?

Cyber Security arm has a diverse portfolio of solutions tailored to assist organizations to achieve an increased level of security and resilience in face of the adverse impacts from cyber-attacks. Our clients include an unparalleled list of the country’s leading banking and finance institutes, telecommunication service providers, healthcare service providers, software development companies, and multinational conglomerates.

Managed Security Services

  • Managed Security Services
  • Protection of customer IT resources from external cyber attacks and from inside-attackers
  • Protection of vital data and information belonging to customers and prevent financial losses and harm to reputation
  • Compliance with customer IT policies and practices with IT laws and regulations of the country
  • Operational availability of disaster recovery and business process continuity under severe service disruptions

Technical Services

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  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
    • Internal and External Vulnerability
    • External Network Vulnerability Assessment
    • Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment
    • Wireless Security Assessment
    • Penetration Testing
    • Application Vulnerability Assessment
    • Web Application Security Assessment
    • Mobile Application Security Assessment
    • Thin-Client/ Desktop Application Security Assessment
    • Digital Forensic
  • Information Security Architecture
    • IT General Controls Review
    • Network Architecture Review
    • Network Diagnostic Review
    • Traffic – flow Analysis
    • Datacenter Risk Assessment